WinTV applications

Note: If you have actually run HCWCLEAR, you must reboot her PC and also leave the WinTV-HVR-950 installed. After ~ a reboot you will see the Found new Hardware Wizard surroundings message, fight Cancel. Then continue below.

Note: to use the WinTV-HVR-950 v Microsoft"s Vista Media center application, you require the WinTV-HVR driver and SoftMCE.

WinTV v8 application and also TV tuner driver download package

This is WinTV v8, which have the right to be provided if you have actually a WinTV v7 CD-ROM. If you have a WinTV v8 Activation Code, you deserve to upgrade come WinTV v8.5 at no cost.

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Installation notes because that WinTV v8:

WinTV v8 is generally for the WinTV-HVR-850, WinTV-HVR-950, Colossus (not Colossus 2), HD PVR version 1212, WinTV-HVR-1150, WinTV-HVR-1500 or WinTV-HVR-1600. WinTV v8.5 does not assistance these products.

Activation for this variation of WinTV v8 is done with your WinTV v7 CD-ROM or WinTV v8.5 Activation Code.

WinTV v10 Activation Code: If you carry out not have a WinTV v8/8.5 Activation Code, you deserve to purchase the new WinTV v10 Activation password on the webstore because that $12.95. This have the right to be offered with all assets supported through WinTV v8 and also WinTV v8.5

WinTV v8 installer For windows 10, 8, and 7

File name: wintv8setup_35167.exe | File size: 108 MB | Date: June 23, 2017 Release notes | back-up download site

This download is a finish installation package, including motorists for supported WinTV assets plus the WinTV v8 application and utilities.

To install the WinTV v8 application

Download the WinTV v8 installer to her PC. After downloading this file, it"s generally saved in the Download directory on her PCNote:
If you view a post Run or Save?, click Save. Have actually your WinTV Activation Code ready or insert your initial valid WinTV v7 CD Run wintv8setup from the Download directory on your PCAt Activation required, click Check WinTV CD if you have actually a WinTV v7 CD or click Enter Serial Number and then get in your WinTV Activation code.

This will finish the driver and application surroundings for your WinTV.

To install WinTV v8 ~ above a computer or laptop there is no a CD-ROM drive

If your computer or laptop walk not have actually a CD-ROM drive, execute the following:At the conclusion that the environment a dialog box will pop up saying "Activation required"Click Enter Product CodeYou will find the Product code on your WinTV v7 installation CDEnter the Product code including dashes and also dots


To uncover your Product Code

Look at the following guide because that finding your product code

Note: If you have actually a WinTV v7.2 CD-ROM through Extend, the latest version of WinTV v8 through Extend will additionally be installed.

windows Media facility Installation

Setting up her TV tuner in windows 7 Media Center

below is a screen by display screen view that the setup of windows Media Center. It was based upon the WinTV-HVR-1600, but the setup with various other WinTV-HVR assets will it is in similar.

Windows Media center remote manage receiver/blaster configuration utility


Use this energy to permit or disable the integrated IR receiver/blaster hardware on the WinTV-HVR-1850 and WinTV-HVR-2250 for use with Windows Media Center. You would certainly disable the built-in IR receiver/blaster if you are using an exterior USB attached windows Media facility remote control.

To use this tool:

Download, unzip and also install the Hcwcirconfig tool After installing the Hcwcirconfig tool, run the program. The device will be located in start / every Programs / WinTV / HCWCIRConfig tool To configure together a windows Media facility remote control, placed a inspect in package labeled customer Infrared Receiver click OK – save Changes. Your computer must it is in restarted because that the alters to take effect.

Bug fixes for the home windows Media facility "Low bit rate" error message

Microsoft has released windows Media facility patches because that the "Low little bit rate" error message. Click to view the details from Microsoft.

Remapping clean QAM channels in windows 7 Media Center

here are part instructions top top remapping clear QAM TV networks in windows Media Center.

Accessory software application for the WinTV-HVR-950

WinTV Digital Signal stamin Indicator

Signal strength Indicator variation 33313

The WinTV Digital Signal toughness indicator screens information around the quality of the digital TV channel you are watching. This applications is used with the WinTV v10, 8 and v7 applications.

The WinTV Digital Signal stamin must be supplied with among the WinTV applications. It cannot be supplied stand alone.

Click here for instructions on using this application.

IR Remote control application

IR Remote control version 33113

Remote manage applet. After ~ you operation this applet, an icon will appear in her Windows machine tray mirroring that the remote regulate is active.

Name: 2.71.33113_IR32.exe Size: 450KB Updated: April /2015

WinTV-Scheduler update for WinTV variation 6

TV Scheduler version 25_26071.exe

This TV routine scheduler because that WinTV version 6 permits "background recording" on dual tuner WinTV products.

Name: sched25_26071.exe Size: 3.8 MB Updated: march 11, 2008

Soft MCE driver

Soft MCE

This record is compelled for analog TV in windows Media Center.

None in ~ this time.

3rd Party Applications


Is a totally free Personal video Recorder (PVR) and Media Centre application for Microsoft Windows.

SnapStream past TV™ 4 : "Proving that a PC deserve to rival TIVO" !

Supports the latest TV tuners. Record an ext than one display at the very same time or clock one while recording another with multi-tuner support Record an entire TV collection Record one show, every episodes, or only new episodes of your favorite present Enjoy the full display interface choose shows and setup recordings from the comfort of your couch Easily uncover shows making use of the incorporated Electronic Program guide (EPG) Record and watch HDTV shows with over-the-air HD assistance on the WinTV-HVR-1250 Skip commercials v SmartSkipFind shows faster with the brand-new browse by classification feature, or search by location or keyword No subscription fees Schedule recordings away from home via the internet or a web-ready call
WinTV-HVR-950 QuickInstall overview

WinTV-HVR-950 QuickInstall variation 1.1

NTSC Analog CableTV or over-the-air analog TV: You can use her cable TV indigenous the wall to connect to the WinTV-HVR-950 and receive every one of your simple Cable TV channels. Girlfriend can likewise use a roof peak antenna to obtain "over-the-air" TV.

ATSC over-the-air digital TV: Supports every ATSC formats, as much as the high an interpretation 1080i format!

NOTE: because that ATSC digital TV, a rooftop/out door antenna is recommended because that optimal results/signal strength.

Analog channels are MONO audio only.

Digital networks are STEREO.

Can I gain HD with the WinTV-HVR-950 v my Cable or Satellite box?

No. The WinTV-HVR-950 has an ATSC over-the-air digital TV tuner built-in and also supports every ATSC formats, as much as the high definition 1080i style . The WinTV-HVR-950 will support ATSC broadcasts the are right now beingtransfer over-the-air. It will not have the ability to decode HD broadcasts that come with your cable or satellite box. QAM is no supported.

What form of recordings can I make v the WinTV-HVR-950?

Using the WinTV 7 application the WinTV-HVR-950Q, will record in a move stream (TS) because that ATSC and Clear QAM digital TV recordings, the recording format and also bit rate is precisely the very same as the broadcast layout (i.e. ATSC 1080i is videotaped at 1080i). Because that NTSC analog cable TV recordings, our SoftPVR is offered to create Transport Stream papers (TS)

Note: TS documents can be converted to MPEG documents using alternatives in the WinTV 7 configuration menu.

Note: The WinTV 6 application recording space in MPEG style for both digital and also analog.

Note: not all recordings made v ATSC/QAM signals are DVD compliant.

Can I record one display while watching another with the WinTV-HVR-950?

No. The WinTV-HVR-950 will only be able to record the regimen that is being perceived using the supplied software.

You will certainly not have the ability to watch a digital channel and also record an analog channel at the same time or angry versa as result of the truth there is just a single tuner on the WinTV-HVR-950.

SStream DShowError: "Create filters CLSID_MainConceptMPEGEncoder course Not Registered (0x80040154)" error once attempting come record?

If making use of the WinTV 6 application this shows that the "Soft PVR" is not installed. To verify Soft PVR installation, watch under control panel/add eliminate programs and you will watch the WinTV Soft PVR. To reinstall SoftPVR, download the SoftPVRUpdate.exe from her WinTV CD ROM (located in the SoftPVR folder).

(Note: If a hardware encoder design WinTV is currently installed on your system, this will avoid the SoftPVR from installing properly. In order to install SoftPVR in this case, walk to machine manager and also temporarily disable the chauffeurs for the WinTV hardware encoder product. Install the SoftPVR and once completed, you may re-enable the hardware encoder in the device manager.

Black video clip window or choppy video when city hall a digital TV channel

If you are watching a digital TV channel and also you view choppy video, no audio or a black screen, then it is feasible your pc is not fast sufficient to decode and play the digital TV channel you room watching. You re welcome verify the your device meets the minimum requirements for making use of the HVR-950Q

Digital TV, specifically ATSC high meaning digital TV, is very CPU intensive. Plenty of graphics cards have actually special integrated hardware to rate up decoding of high an interpretation TV channels.

On graphic cards there is no special video clip decoding features, friend can frequently improve the playback power by utilizing the video clip Renderer settings located in the settings menu of WinTV 7. To open the setting menu click on the “gear” button located in the lower left of the WinTV 7 screen.


The default setting is EVR. The other settings are VMR9, VMR7 and Overlay. Each setting uses a different procedure to render video. Shot each mode and also use the one which provides you the ideal results. To usage hardware acceleration placed a examine in package “use hardware acceleration when possible. This will enable your graphics device to use hardware acceleration for video clip decode. Note: graphics hardware acceleration go not work on all systems. After ~ making a change in video rendering setups Wintv have to be restarted to take it effect.

If you space using WinTV 6 climate the render alternatives are component of a separate program dubbed Primary. Changes in the major applet should be made with the WinTV application closed. Open the main program by walking to start – all Programs – WinTV – Primary. After making transforms close the main applet and also open the WinTV application.

Where can I find the optional AV cable?

The optional AV cable will be obtainable through our Sales dept . Please call sales or watch on our net store for an ext information on purchasing this optional cable.

WinTV crashes ~ above a Dell Vostro desktop

If you endure a crash on the WinTV application as soon as running on a Dell Vostro computer, examine to make sure the speakers are plugged in. If speakers are not plugged in, the Dell Vostro disables the internal sound card. The WinTV application needs a sound card to be enabled to operate correctly.

How perform I enable my remote manage so that will work-related with the WinTV-HVR-950?

The IR software have to be installed by default. To examine look for a tiny remote control icon in the Windows task bar top top the lower right. IF it is not present you have the right to reinstall Wintv native the installation CDROM or download IR32.EXE from our support net site. The remote control must also have “line of sight” v the HVR-950Q. The IR recipient of the HVR-950Q is the round pear on the next of the unit.

I obtain a "Low little bit rate" error message when using windows Media facility in home windows 7.

Microsoft has actually released home windows Media center patches because that the "Low little rate" error message. Click to check out the info from Microsoft.

WinTV v7 does not open or opens and also then disappears?

This can be caused by a corruption Channel database so friend will need to uninstall and also reinstall. An initial you have to go to start, every programs, Wintv and in the folder run “uninstall Wintv7”(or remove Wintv7 using regulate panel "add/remove programs) then you have to remove the back-up channel database.

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Windows Vista, 7 and also 8 go to C:\program data ( this folder is a covert folder so if you perform not see it you must “show hidden folders “ in your find Options) when you can obtain to this folder you will view a folder brand “” delete this folder.

Windows XP walk to C:\documents and also settings\all users\shared documents\application data ( this folder is a surprise folder for this reason if you do not view it you have to “show hidden folders “ in your find Options) as soon as you can gain to this folder girlfriend will see a folder brand “” delete this folder.

Then download the latest variation of Wintv7 situated in the support section of the website and reinstall (note: girlfriend must have actually your initial CD come validate the download.)