Growing tree in a GreenhouseIn addition to collecting Ingredients, you can also grow tree at a Greenhouse. In order to grow plants you require to have actually the proper Seeds and Water. Every Ingredient has actually a various time it requirements to grow, varying from one hour (Snowdrop) to 24 hrs (Leaping Toadstool). Be cautious when growing Ingredients, as you only have actually 30 minute to gain them after they complete growing.

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You can additionally Contribute come plants the are farming at a Greenhouse by casting a Herbivicus spell. Spreading Herbivicus will rise Ingredient yield, however it needs you to invest Spell power to cast it. Herbivicus price is a looks prefer a small letter “h” and is conveniently drawn. Do keep in mind that your growing time will certainly not mitigate by casting Herbivicus.

Everyone who contributes to cultivation will receive the complete amount of the ingredient yielded. When the Ingredient has actually finished growing, it will show up on the ground next to the Greenhouse.

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Greenhouse farming chart

NameTime (h)Ingredients

Bitter Root07:00:00

Bitterroot particle x1Water x15

Ginger Root07:00:00

Ginger seeds x1Water x12

Leaping Toadstool24:00:00

Leaping Toadstool Spore x1Water x12


Lovage particle x1Water x9


Scurvygrass particle x1Water x7


Sneezewort seeds x1Water x1


Snowdrop seeds x1Water x15

Sopophorous Bean07:00:00

Sopophorous bean Seed x1Water x1

Valerian Root07:00:00

Valerian particle x1Water x7


Wormwood particle x1Water x7

Pots and Rental PotsYou have the right to plant something just if the Greenhouse has actually an empty pot. If you desire to plant something, however the Greenhouse is occupied, you have actually the option to to buy a Rental Pot which comes with all required Ingredients and reduced time come grow.

1st Rental Pot180 minutes (3 hours)35 coins2nd Rental Pot480 minute (8 hours)70 coins3rd Rental Pot1440 minutes (24 hours)140 coins
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