There won"t it is in a safehouse mission this time. The following mission is relatively short, however it"s an activity packed adventure with explosions and also lots the bullets. This mission is a prime possibility for girlfriend to occupational on obstacles that need you to play firearms blazing. You are on board a submarine. That means small corridors & tight spaces.

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You begin the mission in what us shall contact "the torpedo chamber". Girlfriend will notification 2 things. 1) you have unlocked a new firing mode for her shotgun and also 2) over there are fairly a most enemies roughly you (truth it is in told, it"s a miracle that you are not spotted instantly right from the start). This new firing mode is referred to as "shrapnel mode", and also it fires a the majority of semi-homing bouncing bullets the do enormous damage. There is one accomplishment tied to this firing mode, and also it just so happens the fate has brought us into a tight room, with a lot of opponents while delivering a shotgun that has actually a full magazine of these rounds. So allows pick this success up appropriate away. The trick to obtaining these death is to miss your target. That method you execute not wish to fight them v the early stage shot however rather through the bullets after ~ they have bounced roughly for a bit so through all means spray & pray away at the wall, the ceiling, and primarily into the door the you have the right to see over you appropriate in front of whereby you spawn (that"s whereby the negative guys come from).

Chances space you execute not even have come reload your checkpoint, however if friend didn"t, simply reload the checkpoint and also repeat this step until friend get:

Shotgun newspaper +Unlock tactical perk 5


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If girlfriend want, you can reload your checkpoint if you urge on act this stealthy, yet if you have actually been complying with this walkthrough, then you need to now be all done with stealth challenges, and also stealth is really no a viable or efficient course of action during this mission anyway, for this reason pull the end the guns and also start mowing down enemies!

Take a watch on her map to view that there are rather a many collectibles. Once you leave the torpedo room, friend will watch a collectible map ~ above the wall surface on her right. Make certain to choose this up and check your map commonly to ensure girlfriend won"t miss out on any.

Turn ago around towards where you come in indigenous - friend should find two doors, one for the Fergus timeline and one because that the Wyatt timeline. You"ll either finish up in one armory or an office. The office includes the (1/6) yellow Letter Opener and also an (1/5) Enigma Code, and you can cut through a panel to gain there or to the armory room. The armory holds a tesla upgrade the affects mechanically enemies an ext than usual. There"s another (2/5) Enigma Code in the an initial bedroom on the right and also another (3/5) Enigma Code in the second bedroom top top the left. A (2/6) yellow Tray is in the 3rd bedroom ~ above the right

Eventually, friend will have to descend a set of stairs to a lower floor. Here you will certainly come throughout a circular room v what shows up to it is in "sleeping pods" or the cryo systems (the coffins they keep understand chief in in the halo collection for conservation purposes). It is no blatantly obvious upon beginning this room, but there is actually an additional entrance in this room native the other side. It"s concealed behind the central console, and also 2 juggernauts will usage this enntrance gate to go into the room therefore tread carefully. Juggernauts are weak on their earlier where your oxygen tanks are located. A few well put shots on your backs deserve to take them out. Unfortunately, they seldom turn their backs in the direction of you, however your shotgun with shrapnel mode just might carry out you through a couple of lucky shots and also take them out instantly. If you space not so lucky, climate I imply a healthy dose the grenades and dual wielded assault rifle fire.

Once the Juggernauts are dead, you will be attacked by about a dozen constant guards. Ns recommend that you usage your LKW to death those, because we have actually unlocked a an obstacle earlier that requires us to make LKW kills amongst other things. Since this U-boat has plenty of adversaries and additionally plenty that charging train station (that is what is not guaranteed in the missions to come), we might also want to gain that part of the an obstacle out of the way.

Alright, climb a ladder, crawl v a ventilation shaft, and cut with the item of metal. Once you drop down after friend have cut yourself the end of the ventilation shaft, you have landed in the most difficult section of this level. On her left side are many poor guys, and, for the time being, just 1 juggernaut, however I have splendid news for those who crave juggernauts! much more will sign up with as reinforcements once you take under the majority of the guards. Yes, it"s a blast. Simply dive right into cover and fire native cover. Prioritize the juggernauts due to the fact that they will certainly be slowly walking towards you and also make your life miserable. If you have the right to take treatment of the Juggernauts, climate this section is not too bad. As usual, emphasis on whatever challenges you have left. Possibilities are it"s still attack rifle kills, dual wield kills, or LKW kills.

Once you room all clear, you should head increase the stairs and also locate the red captain"s chair. To the left of this chair is one more enigma password (4/5) Enigma Code. Head earlier down the stairs, and go into the backroom wherein your target is located. Top top entering this room, you must go to the left. There is a tiny communication room here that contains an additional enigma password (5/5) Enigma Code. Now it"s time to end this component of the mission. Reduced the chains of the buoys and interact with the radio to cause a cinematic.

After the cinematic ends, you will be in a diving fit at the bottom the the ocean trying to discover a secret facility. Every you have to do is press a couple of buttons and also walk with a glass tunnel come a decompressing chamber. When you exit the decompressing chamber, friend enter big room v a gold structure in the middle of the room. Top top the far left that this room, friend can uncover a golden skull laying on the floor (3/6) gold Skull. It"s half underwater and also somewhat difficult to see. Once you have actually it, you must go back to Seth and Fergus. Seth will certainly tell you to number out exactly how to acquire on peak of the elevator platform. You can do this by shooting the golden balls through your LKW. Shooting the lowest ones first to revolve them into steps. Shoot your means up till you with the top. You should be a little fast around it due to the fact that these actions will eventually deform into balls again.

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Once you space on the platform, you must hit the button to reduced the platform so Seth and also Fergus can gain on it together well. As soon as they are on, you will need to go ago up. This time, the elevator will certainly make its way up to the roof that have the right to be opened up by Seth. When he opens up it and also you make your means into the golden dome, you will certainly unlock a story-related achievement.