Composed: 1775Length: c. 25 minutesOrchestration: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 horns, strings, and also solo violin

First Los Angeles Philharmonic performance: March 8, 1935, Alfred Hertz conducting, with soloist Yehudi Menuhin

All that Mozart’s 5 authentic violin concertos belong to the exact same year, 1775, and they precede all however one of the piano concertos. In his maturity – if we other than the exorbitant Sinfonia Concertante for violin and viola, K. 364 – Mozart proved no interest in string concertos and was always curiously negligent that the cello together a solo instrument. We have to be thankful that these five violin concertos exist in ~ all, the G-major Concerto gift the 3rd of the set. The critical three, in ~ least, are early testimony to the greatness that which nobody at that date can have however been aware.

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Mozart, climate 19 years old, to be Konzertmeister in ~ the Salzburg court. He wrote the concertos for his fellow-violinist Gaetano Brunetti, certain for performance at court. The scoring is light and also the solo writing gracefully ornate. The three-movement form is standard, back in this work and also the A-major Concerto, K. 219 (the critical of the set), choose the Piano Concerto in E-flat, K. 271, Mozart fills out the finale with enchanting diversions.

The very first theme of the opening activity is borrowed from an aria in Mozart’s most recent opera, Il ré pastore, seen in Salzburg a few months earlier. The is hard to intend he could ever have been quick of ideas, due to the fact that his melodies are prodigally lavished ~ above every movement; much more likely that he was struck by the violinistic idiom that the phrase and wished to give it a far better setting.

The 2nd movement’s opening holds back accompaniment until the most expressive note of the phrase, a stroke of perfect judgment. Mute inner strings emphasize the serenity that the solo line. A cadenza marks the close, as in the ahead movement.

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The finale is a lively run in triple meter, lot of it lessened to the most basic textures together though the bass component was missing. Two interpolations intrude: the first is an elegant gavotte the briefest expectations in the young key; sustained oboes, as constantly in Mozart, provide a certificate the high quality. There follows a folksy section, favor a glimpse of Papageno, v some prominent inner drones, prior to the rondo design template returns. The track is itself of Alsatian origin, for this reason when, 2 years later, Mozart created to his dad describing casual concert that had given in the Heiligkreuz Monastery close to Augsburg he might say: “In the night at supper ns played mine Strasbourg Concerto, i beg your pardon went an extremely smoothly. Everyone praised my beautiful pure tone.” This does not define his reasons for including the song in the Concerto, however it walk remind us that Mozart was a good violinist and being a peerless keyboard player. In maintaining with that is unpredictable character the movement ends not v the normal orchestral flourish however with the acknowledgement that the winds have by now earned the appropriate to close the work-related on your own.