Let"s journey earlier to much easier times in 2016 when DC Comics rebooted its entire line that superhero titles. Wonder Woman is just one of the comics that benefited the most from the "DC Rebirth" together superstar Greg Rucka returned to write the superheroine once more after a really successful stint from 2003 come 2006.

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Wonder Woman has probably had more reboots than any kind of other superhero come date, and that’s greatly because new writers which the collection and ditch whatever that came before it. It’s a massive trouble with the title the fans are very quick to point out. But in 2016, DC Comics started an effort to develop a consistent continuity once and also for all v Rebirth. This resulted in DC rehiring Greg Rucka, who had actually a critically-acclaimed run of Wonder Woman in the mid-2000s.

Joining Rucka was an alternative pair the artists, Liam Sharp and also Nicola Scott. Spicy was responsible because that the contemporary stories (odd-numbered issues), when Scott to be responsible for the issues collection in the past (even-numbered issues). I also have to mention the third member of mine “holy trinity the Wonder woman artists”, Bilquis Evely, who joined Greg Rucka for the Godwatch story arc. These three are quickly some of the best artists the Wonder woman book has seen.

Liam spicy is the artist because that this issue, chapter 1 of The Lies. His artwork is perfectly gritty because that this tale, yet no off-putting come longtime Wonder mrs fans. Diana is tho beautiful, strong and expressive. And she now wears a battle-skirt! Steve, Etta, and Cheetah are all given revamped looks. Steve is provided a grizzled beard, if Etta brings some much-needed diversity together a freckled black woman. Cheetah is provided a correctly makeover, showing up as a humanoid monsters straight out the Greek Mythology. William Moulton Marston labeling the rogue a “Modern Medusa” in her an initial appearance, and also that couldn’t be much more accurate here. She’s scary, but with a deep feeling of sadness shown beautifully by Sharp. Unfortunately, much more recent artists have failed to record that tragedy the the character, yet we’ll always have The Lies.

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As because that the story, this thing is short but a great introduction to the new and improved Wonderverse. Wonder woman is in search of answers, and only the Cheetah can help her. We acquire some fun action as she battles Urzkartaga’s servants, the Bouda, which add to some fun mythology come the fictitious god. Meanwhile, Steve and his men (Manny, Dave and also Chris, all of whom have actually sadly been lacking after Rucka’s departure) are on a mission versus a rogue colonel, Andres Cadulo. However Diana’s and Steve’s paths may cross sooner 보다 they think.

If you’re a pan of this first chapter, i strongly recommend reading the rest of Greg Rucka’s stellar run — girlfriend won’t be disappointed!