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over there are brand-new activities in publications 3-12, and also those have changed from lesson come lesson; older edition price keys and also teacher sources will not work with the fourth edition workbooks. There space formatting transforms in the workbooks, v an update look. Publications 2 and 3 still have 15 class (10 words per lesson), and also Books 4-12 still have 20 lessons every (15 words per lesson).

brand-new activities incorporate “Rate her Word Knowledge,” which is a reproducible sheet discovered in the teacher source book to evaluate word knowledge before beginning a lesson. “Using indigenous in Context” is plan to combine a students ability to determine meaning based on context. “Making Connections” is to assist students do connections between words and also understand word relationships. “Determining Meanings” helps students know word components (prefixes, roots, suffixes) when reinforcing understanding. “Completing Sentences” allows students to show understanding of native by completing sentences.”Vocabulary Extension” is discovered at the end of each lesson, and focuses on simply one native from the lesson in stimulate to construct a deeper knowledge of vocabulary and also application.

Teacher resource Books encompass teachers guides for the lessons, reproducible tests and also reviews, vocabulary activities (including word webs and semantic maps), options for group or individual instruction, speed options, and answer keys for the tests and also workbooks. (Please keep in mind that over there is a web page that referrals teacher access to Quizlet, a digital applications including games that allows teachers to watch students" progress and activity from the previous day, week, or year. The access code is not had in the Teacher resource books and also are only obtainable to purchasers the “classroom sets”, which are not currently available from us. However, students will certainly still have accessibility to Quizlet through their own student publication with instructions included inside the former cover.) Tests room designed to prepare students because that standardized tests; the format is greatly multiple-choice. There room tests for each lesson and cumulative midterms and also finals. If you execute not think that an intensive, thorough teacher guide is necessary, non-reproducible Test books (with answers) and Answer secrets (for college student workbooks) are easily accessible separately.

For convenience in ordering, we’ve also created sets for each class level that incorporate a student Book, test Book and Key. Teacher source books room only had in to adjust for qualities K and also 1; they would certainly be a separate purchase at the top levels.

Wordly Wise works. It"s a vocabulary-building program that grows through the student, and makes vocabulary building interesting and also entertaining. All editions the Wordly wise share a similar format giving exciting word histories, handle with usage issues, and exposing common usage pitfalls. There are 20 great in each level plus 5 review lessons. Usual lessons contain an alphabetized list of fifteen words v a short entry for each including component of speech, concise definition, and also proper consumption of words in the context of an amazing sentence that gives a mnemonic anchor for the word. Following are task sections (which differ slightly with the edition). Crossword puzzle puzzles and Hidden message puzzles are supplied for review. The in its entirety word list for the series consists that 3000 words; their an option based ~ above frequency, grade-level literature, textbooks, and SAT-prep books.

Wordly way 3000 3rd Edition (2-12)

Book numbers correspond through grade levels. Publication 2 contains all the lessons in book A (1st ed.) and lessons 1-7 from book B (1st ed.). It has 15 lessons and 150 vocabulary words. Publication 3 consists of lessons 8-10 from book B (1st edition) and also all lessons from book C (1st ed.). It additionally has 15 lessons through 150 words and contains part Greek and also Latin source exercises. Students discover 300 brand-new words a year in books 4-12.

The student Workbooks save on computer 20 class each with fifteen words. Every lesson has a Word list with complete dictionary type of entry information, a Finding interpretations exercise (choose two phrases to type a sentence that correctly supplies a word), the simply the ideal Word practice (replace a phrase with a single word), an using Meanings exercise (using native in context), a Word research exercise (covers synonyms, antonyms, suffixes, prefixes, and also analogies), and a passage (classic and contemporary authors) through follow-up questions. As much as analysis content, return Wordly wise has constantly been a secular program, countless customers have found the content to be increasingly "liberal" and "humanistic" v the newer editions. If friend prefer spiritual or conservative content, you might wish come opt because that a various program.

The Teacher source Books include teacher"s guides for the lessons, reproducible tests and also reviews, vocabulary activities (including native webs and also semantic maps), options for team or individual instruction, pacing options, and answer keys for the tests and workbooks. Tests room designed come prepare students because that standardized tests; the layout is mostly multiple-choice. There space tests for each lesson and cumulative midterms and finals. Tests have a double column format. In ~ the top levels (grade 9-12), every test also features a "SAT Sneak Preview" section in which extr practice is provided in ready for standardization testing. If friend don"t think one intensive, thoroughly teacher overview is necessary, non-reproducible Test publications (with answers) and Answer tricks (for college student workbooks) are available separately. Answer Keys likewise have dual columns through one obelisk per lesson.

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Have an listening learner? We also now sell Audio CD sets the correlate to levels 2-12. These encompass recordings of each word perform to help pronunciation, together with definitions and also comprehension questions, and also all reading passages. There room three CDs each for grades 2-3, and 5 CDs because that each level for qualities 4-12.