Every time Wyatt has actually returned come DAYS that OUR lives fans uncover themselves wondering simply who this male is and why that looks for this reason familiar. Well, the quick story is the Wyatt was involved with Ciara and Claire in 2017, yet the actor play a very different function a year earler!

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Wyatt can be recognizable to DAYS fans due to the fact that the actor, Scott Shilstone, actually appeared on the soap ago in June that 2016 when he depicted Bo and Hope’s son, Zack, in a dream sequence. Back the young young was tragically killed by Chelsea when she was driving recklessly in Bo’s vehicle on brand-new Year’s Eve, 2006, Shilstone was cast as a grown-up Zack because that an episode wherein he showed up to his parents. Friend might also recognize the young actor from the films Pitch Perfect, Helicopter Mom, and Drumline: A brand-new Beat.


Ciara may have actually changed, yet her feeling didn’t. (Photo Credit: XJJohnson/jpistudios.com)

However, when Ciara returned to town and was upset at losing the confront of Bella dispute to Claire, she was surprised to run into Wyatt again. The apologized for what had happened in between them last year, and also insisted that he go genuinely care about her.

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However, Ciara was as soon as again ruined to discover that Wyatt had helped Claire rig the challenge results for this reason she would certainly lose and also he might swoop in to win her back.

Wyatt has resurfaced once again in November that 2018 as component of Claire and Tripp’s plan to eliminate Ben Weston, declare to be the one who collection the reformed serial killer up because that arson. Because he’s constantly making up lies, we may never know precisely who Wyatt is!

Stay tuned to see just how his storyline continues, and for an ext DAYS news, keep reading Soaps In Depth magazine!