Myself and many other have actually been effectively playing ~ above Xbox Live with modded systems for years without any issues. But you must be completely aware the others have had there consoles banned utilizing a modded mechanism on Xbox Live. Through this being stated the firmware out today has the latest and also best stealth features, and also if you are following my online tutorial for proper backup actions your opportunities of her console being banned are extremely low utilizing the firmware mod. Twin Nand Mods room safe only if play on the unmodded nand side, and normal Jtag and also RGH mods room a guarantee ban.

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If you are playing top top Xbox Live v a modded device it is a really great idea come purchase one of our 0800 take it drives as these drives will make precise replica of your 360 game. With this done you can run your video game through ABGX360 for ideal patching : )

We sell a wide selection of different adjustments for the Xbox 360 Consoles.

The Firmware Mod

The breakthrough hack in the 360 modding scene! This mod gets rid of the media restrictions that blocks her Xbox Console from reading burned 360 games. When we install this firmware girlfriend will have the ability to make backup copies.

Here is what is included with the Firmware Mod:

The most latest up to date Firmware installA complete dump of your DVD cd driver OFW the is stored in our data base and emailed to you for safe keepingA clean of dust develop upLifetime supportJTAG Hack / RGH (Reset Glitch Hack)

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This is one practiced and really fun mod and also with it friend will be able to run any kind of unsigned password : ) The JTAG and also RGH both have actually the exact same features, the only distinction is the JTAG Hack works just with consolesrunning dashboard version 7371 or lower and also the RGH works with all the rest as long as your consolehas one hdmi port and is currently running a dashboard version reduced than 15572.

Click below to have a look at our JTAG / RGH tutorial section and also HERE for few of the good features****JTAG or RGH is not Xbox Live Safe****

Here is what is consisted of with a JTAG or RGH Installation

Control your fan rate with Xbox 360 ControllerEasily switch back and forth from Kinect Dashboard come Freestyle Dashboard at any kind of timeRun and also play loads of Xbox Live Arcade gamings from the interior or an outside usb tough driveRun and play all your xbox 360 games straight native the internal or exterior usb tough drive (no disc needed in drive)Hook up and also play digital for complimentary with Xlink Kai (Free digital server created modded consoles)Have all her cover art for your gamings displayed along with screen shots and game descriptionsRip your initial Xbox 360 games discs indigenous the console straight to an exterior hard drive, no key is essential in the drive to fill gamesSetup and also host personal lobbiesRun emulators and play all your old time favorite gamings (nearly all consoles supported)Have full access to your tough drive, move add and transfer documents with easeClick appropriate Thumbstick and have the console temperatures, difficult drive space and weather displayed, click again to hideRun homebrew appsCustomize her dashboardThe twin Nand Mod

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With a built in switch set up you will certainly be conveniently able to move from a unmodded console come a RGH v the straightforward flip that a move : )

This means play top top Xbox Live safely on the unmodded side, climate at any type of time simply turn off your console, upper and lower reversal the switch and also watch your 360 magically i do not care modded with the Reset Glich Hack and every one of its good features!

A complete dump of your 360’s nand that is save on computer in ours data base for safe keepingA developed in switch that will allow you to conveniently switch back and soon from unmodded come the RGH’DXEX Menu, Freestyle Dashboard and also latest Dashlaunch patches on the RGH sideA free install the the Firmware ModA complete Cleaning that dust build upLifetime SupportX360Key Installation

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The X360Key emulates your Xbox 360 DVD Drive, and also with this set up you will be able to quickly and also easily run your 360 games from any type of external eSATA or USB tough drive : )

Here is what is consisted of with the X360key

A full dump of your DVD Drives main firmwareA expert install that the X360keyA cleaning of dust build upLifetime supportModded Xbox 360 Controllers (Rapid Fire Mod)

Not so good at video games? need an top edge? We have actually either 8 mode or 18 setting pre-programmed microchips easily accessible for installation. V these nifty units installed simply press the sync button on her 360’s controller and it will certainly flash blink when to indicate you room in setting 1, press it again and it will certainly blink double to show mode 2 and also so on. These microchips assistance pretty lot any first person shooter video game that you deserve to think of and are a an extremely fun way to put some one under quick! Click right here for the 8 setting list and here because that the 18 setting

Here is what is consisted of with the rapid Fire Mod

A professional install of one of two people the 8 mode or 18 setting preprogrammed microchipA $10 discount on any custom shade LED’s (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White & Pink available)Lifetime support

If you space interested in any type of of these mods or have any type of questions or pertains to please feel complimentary to call us.

A few things you need to know:If you are using a modded Xbox on Xbox Live over there is always a possibility that her console might be banned. Utilizing programs such together ABGX360 come check and also stealth spot your gamings will significantly decrease the opportunity of this happening, but there is always a risk. Options easily accessible for you space either obtaining a second Xbox 360, one to usage on Xbox Live and one come play her Backups, or purchase a KREON flashed DVD Rom to back-up your 360 gamings as this drives make specific replica of your Xbox game. If you room obtaining your games from various other sources you have the right to never be sure of exactly how they to be produced.

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If friend are searching for an initial Xbox Repair you re welcome visit our repair Section




Fat Firmware Mod

Works with all Fat model Xbox 360 drives (Samsung, Hitachi, Benq, Liteon)

iXtreme Slim Firmware Modifications– right now works through Liteon drives <9504 / 0225 / 0401 / 1071>$50.00
8 or 18 Mode double Rapid Fire Controller Modification– functions with any official Microsoft 360 Controller (You it is provided the controller)– totally adjustable twin rapid fire update (Sync button is supplied to set mode of quick fire)8 Mode $30.0018 mode $40.00
Dual Nand Mod– Works v all Xbox 360 Hdmi consoles– have a unmodded and also an RGH with one straightforward flip that a switch!$150.00
Custom colour LED LightingAvailable in Blue, Yellow, Orange, White, green & PinkSave $10 if mounted with a rapid fire mod $20.00
JTAG Hack (C/W Freestyle Dash,XEX menu & Dashlaunch)– complimentary firmware mod at the moment of install– Works with dashboard version 7371 or lower$75.00
Reset Glitch Hack (Fat Model)– fully Unlock your 360′s true power v the RESET GLITCH (includes freestyle dash, XEX Menu& Dashlaunch– Works v all Fat Bodied Xbox 360 Consoles with HDMI Ports$80.00 Each$90.00(With Firmware Mod)
Reset Glitch Hack (Slim Model)– completely Unlock her 360′s true power with the RESET GLITCH (includes freestyle dash, XEX Menu& Dashlaunch– come with fast boot PCB installation$80.00 Each$100.00(With Firmware Mod)
X360 Key– Load and play your games from an exterior USB or ESATA hard drive$140.00 Installed$105.00 – X360 crucial only
Xbox 360 FAT DVD journey Replacement– (Hitachi, Samsung, Benq & Liteon drives Available!)– Fixes every Disc review Errors, open up Tray Errors, stick DVD Drives– If requested complimentary Firmware Modification included during Install.$60.00(6 Month Warranty)
Xbox 360 Slim DVD journey Replacement– every drive species available!– fixes every drive associated errors– If requested cost-free firmware install at the time of installation$80.00(6 Month Warranty)