For October, Microsoft is will certainly be making easily accessible four new totally free games, consisting of The wade Dead: The Complete an initial Season for Xbox One and also Xbox 360.

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On October, Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners through an Xbox Live membership will be getting 4 new good games, as component of the Microsoft’s games with gold program.

For the month of October, the software giant is making easily accessible four brand-new games — Valiant Hearts: The good War, The wade Dead: The Complete very first Season ~ above Xbox One, and Metal equipment Solid V: floor Zeros and also The go Dead: The complete an initial Season also on Xbox 360.

Throughout the month the October, Xbox One owners with an Xbox Live membership have the right to download Valiant Hearts: The great War for totally free (regularly the game is priced at $14.99). In addition, The go Dead: The complete an initial Season will be also easily accessible for download at no fee for gold members (regularly the video game is priced in ~ $24.99).

Then top top Xbox 360, beginning October 1st and until the 15th, Xbox Live subscribers deserve to download Metal equipment Solid V: floor Zeros for free (regularly the video game is priced at $19.99). Then favor in Xbox One, Xbox 360 will certainly be getting The walking Dead: The complete an initial Season for cost-free from October 16th and until the finish of the month (regularly the video game is priced in ~ $24.99).

Also, if you’re still planning to acquisition a brand-new game console, Microsoft has currently made accessible a new Xbox One bundle special a massive 1TB hard drive the will allow you come keep cultivation your video game library, and a brand-new Xbox One Wireless controller because that $400.

In addition, the agency plans to release Xbox One backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games when the releases the home windows 10 because that Xbox One upgrade later this fall, i beg your pardon is an additional reason come invest now on an Xbox One.

Remember the you need a Xbox Live yellow membership come take benefit of the digital gaming and also Games with Gold. If girlfriend don’t have a subscription, friend can always find a an excellent deal on 12-month membership on Amazon, and if you’re still on Xbox 360, keep in mind that the console now supports USB hard drives through up to 2TB to conserve games and also keep your library going.

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