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The Xbox series X and also S space the next-gen powerhouses proclaiming a new era of console game.Both are exceptional machines, however it was thought the several features, consisting of the IR receiver, from earlier consoles to be axed.Today, the was evidenced by Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) ~ above Twitter the both next-gen consoles cleverly hide the IR receiver.This means all Xbox One Media Remotes will be backwards compatible v the console, allowing for straightforward media control.

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The Xbox collection X and Xbox series S are indeed impressive next-gen gaming machines, but Microsoft"s newfound emphasis on power and also pure gaming brought about some concessions in various other areas, notably the omission of one IR receiver, and HDMI In and also Optical ports. This renders the Xbox collection X and also S impressive for gaming, but less capable as all-around entertain centers. Larry Hyrb, additionally known as significant Nelson, took to Twitter today to expose a an extremely sneaky item of Xbox series X and also S design information that shows not all of those axed features...

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Room actually gone.

Xbox One Media Remotes will continue to work-related with Xbox series X|S as component of our commitment the you can bring your existing equipment forward with you. The style team hid the IR receiver inside the bind switch #PowerYourDreams pic.twitter.com/vNQ2FJsgRh

— Larry Hryb