Get a closer look at the upcoming job Scorpio variant of the Xbox One X – a limited edition console designed v fans in mind.

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All task Scorpio version units in addition ship alongside a upright stand, permitting the console come safely sit upright, despite its offset form factor. Because that the price the a regular Xbox One X console you"ll be obtaining a vertical stand for no extra cost, however, it has no unique architecture to complement the gray side of the console it sits against. Xbox communication Corporate angry President, Mike Ybarra, has evidenced this was standing will additionally be easily accessible for acquisition separately, an in similar way to the was standing for Xbox One S.

As because that the hardware under the hood – the Xbox One X task Scorpio version is unmodified from the traditional version that the console. Best now, a 1TB hard drive is the only size of internal storage accessible across consoles, assumedly due to support because that third-party outside hard drives. Control the console room eight CPU cores clocked at 2.3GHz, 12GB that GDDR5 RAM and also a GPU pack 40 Radeon compute units running at 1172 MHz. This provides existing Xbox One games a same amount that overhead when allowing particular "Xbox One X Enhanced" games to accomplish improved visuals.

For those looking come purchasing an Xbox One X project Scorpio Edition, the console appears to have sold out throughout a majority of huge retailers. While certain storefronts space still securing extr stock and re-opening preorders, you may need come look more afield to secure among the gadgets for beginning day. Microsoft will certainly assumedly open pre-orders for constant versions that the console later down the line, yet exact details room yet to it is in provided.

What execute you think that the new Xbox One X task Scorpio Edition? do you choose the new design? Or would you favor the basic matte black color console? Make certain to drop your thoughts in the comments.

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