I am developing a sitemap XML from my database it"s around videos sitemap. In XML, ns am fetching the video title together title and description as description, yet there room some titles and also descriptions composed in Thai, Portuguese, German, and other languages. While generating the XML with PHP ns am encountering a problem that says:

"XML Parsing Error: not well-formed".

Generation that the XML stops after encountering this error.

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XML Parsing Error: no well-formedLocation: http://localhost/mydesk/sitemap.phpLine Number 24489, obelisk 69:I it was observed it had invalid characters like provided below, and also I have actually replaced all varieties of this characters, yet I realized there room other personalities being supplied in various other languages.

Is there any way to handle this issue that supports all languages?

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If you acquire this error message shot view the page source by pressing Ctrl+UUsually there is a " symbol in wrong place. And also check your html syntax.

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Can you open your xml record in a hex editor? If so check out if that takes 1 byte every character or 2. If the takes 2 bytes per character you should try UTF-16 because that encoding instead. If you do keep in mind the the only encoding you have the right to guarantee a parser will assistance is UTF-8. Should support UTF-16 too but not every do.

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