I never wanted someone like you, yet somehow you ended up being precisely what ns need.

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Time had etched falsehoods throughout my heart that had been composed in the illegible script of guys who never ever took the moment to recognize my soul. They were written in lies and misgivings and also they left scars where when I only felt beauty.

I had no idea who I was—yet somehow i still assumed I knew what ns wanted.

There was a life that ns was liven creating, one that i was told i should emphasis on. A life the looked good and appeased those that were busy telling me what type of guy I needed. Everyone had an opinion, native the shade of his eyes to the balance that his financial institution account and, because i didn’t understand myself, i took all of this upon my own breakable shoulders and also I started believing in it.

I thought that the scribbled words and also list of features somehow would create a lover that i felt at tranquility with. Maybe it was due to the fact that I became afraid to understand myself and with it the type of lover—not that ns wanted—but that ns needed.

And then come you.

A before and also after forever marked in my background and throughout the crimson bloom of my heart.

There to be others—but climate there to be you.

I never ever knew what I needed or wanted until I to be looking in ~ it, till I had actually run from it so often that the route from mine bed to her arms came to be worn v all the times of make the efforts to gain it right.

I never knew what i wanted till I experienced it in you.

You shook down my insecurities until there to be nothing left except my bare soul glowing naked prior to you, wondering if it would prove to be too lot for you—like it constantly was because that the others. Yet, in those tingling moments the tasted favor absinthe, I uncovered that my spirit was safe v you.

There was nothing of my darkness the was too deep to traverse for you, and also my light never became blinding or overwhelming—instead it assisted light the way for you together well.

There to be times the I second guessed, that ns wondered and tried to dismiss that all, yet there friend were with your gleaming eyes and also your lips that would write sonnets upon my ceiling skin and also eventually I worn down from pretending that you weren’t every little thing that I had actually needed every along.

Though it was never since you agreed, or since you in truth made something easy, it was instead since of the loving method that you challenged each and also every idea that i had. You took those moments and also raised her opinions and together us toasted our lessons learning that we each had something to market the other.

I don’t know exactly how I had gained it for this reason wrong because that so long other than to say that ns was lost and maybe ns didn’t truly know what ns longed for until I found it all in you.

You elevate me.

Taking my words and sweetening them v your own right into the many intoxicating the elixirs, drowning mine doubts and fears, and also raising my dreams and spiritual awareness. Did you do it led me, perhaps, not simply to myself, yet to my magnificent calling, come the mrs that i was born to be within all of this chaos of a life that i had focused on living while forgetting what ns was really below for.

My edge has actually been something that I’ve inadvertently cut others upon, those sharp and also silvery bits that run along my luscious petals, yet even that you somehow have actually been able to uncover a means to beat with, recognize worth and beauty within even those most human of qualities.

You were everything I never knew I constantly wanted.

Strong, however divine; intelligent, however raw; understanding, however so passionate—it’s no wonder I dropped in love with you like I did. In time I intend I learned that we often don’t really understand what us want till we actually find it, until we somehow stumble throughout another’s soul in this life that calls to ours in the very same language we’ve always spoken.

I’d be lying if ns didn’t say the you awoke the divine feminine in me, the somehow with your on the handle you were able come unravel the lock the she had actually worn upon she mysteries for far too long. Friend simply assisted me become more me 보다 I ever was maybe to be on mine own. No through readjust or hefty disillusionment, but due to the fact that you embraced me—each and also every part.

The truth is the just since you ended up being everything I never knew i wanted, the doesn’t mean that i am the same for you. I recognize this now about love—no matter how sweet it seems nothing is ever guaranteed.

I don’t know if ns am your unforeseen love, the one that will certainly forever mark a before and also after in your own life. There is tho a secret as to whether I will certainly be the one who taste will certainly forever linger on your lips and also while, perhaps, in ~ one suggest that caused me pain, the reality is the loving you method letting you be you.

It method that ns don’t ever wish to pressure or also coerce you, and also so if you decide that ns was just a stepping stone to love rather of the house you wish to reside in—then I have no an option but to expropriate that, also with tears streaming under my face.

The reality is that ns don’t recognize how any kind of other male will ever come close to being you. I can’t imagine that having actually someone recognize my soul, and also kiss mine lips until the fire in ~ rages, is something that simply anyone can do.

And so while you important are everything I never knew I constantly wanted, perhaps, in the end, that will simply turn out that I’m just not what friend want.

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But I intend that’s the thing around love, it either is or that isn’t and also no quantity of wishing or praying can adjust what is meant to be.