You are my light in the dark

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Basshunter - point of view In The Dark to 'Angel In The Dark' through Basshunter. You room my irradiate in the dark / You are the beating in my love / yet that is not sufficient / will certainly I ever be through your.
BASSHUNTER - angel In The to "Angel In The Night" song by BASSHUNTER: You space my irradiate in the dark You are the beating in my heart yet that is not sufficient Will I ever before be b...
LAURA IZIBOR - Mmm...You make everything alright just by being around, boy. Mmm, you do me wanna sing. Mmm... You're my light in the dark. Guiding, guiding me home. And your...
Thee Dust - My light In The Dark
neurosoup.orgThee Dust My irradiate In The Dark My light In The Dark carry out by Thee Dust: reasoning to girlfriend all the time Nothing is the same After the day.
EverythingI operation to you and you alone. Once I can't obtain up and also I can't go on. I run to you and you alone 'Cause you're my irradiate in the dark. And also I sing with every one of my heart
ME AT 6 - Be that You AreBut I'll be beside you. 'Cause friend are, my little star, I said you are, my small star, I stated yo-ou are, my light in the dark. Don't change. Just be who you are. .
CELINE DION - If That's What the come "If That's What it Takes" tune by CELINE DION: You're the bravest that hearts, you're the the strongest of souls You're my light in the dark, you're the...
Next To regular - A irradiate In The Dark
neurosoup.orgA light In The Dark by beside Normal: Dan: / One light shines in the drive / One solitary sign / that our home is alive. / Our.
DONNA LEWIS - MotherYou room my light in the dark. You stand beside me you take it my hand present the way. You're below to guide me you offer me the toughness that ns need. You giver me...
Dirt negative Robins - Light
In My Darkness come 'Light In mine Darkness' by Dirt negative Robins. What could I do however what you ask me come do? / and where might I go but where You desire me to go?
FLIPSYDE - come "Angel" track by FLIPSYDE: currently you've been up and you've been down Stayed strong even ... The reason to save on going you're my irradiate in the dark
Lone justice - You
space The Light come 'You are the Light' by Lone Justice. You are the irradiate in my dark people / You space the fire the will always burn / You room the light / You space the.
FALL the end BOY - My
Songs recognize What You walk In The DarkI just gotta gain you turn off the cage. I'm a young lover's rage. Gonna need a spark to ignite. Mine songs understand what friend did in the dark. So light 'em up, up, up. Irradiate 'em...
Kongsted - light in the Dark for Light in the Dark by Kongsted. ... Gained no sympathi cause you left me back here every alone every little thing i understand will readjust but mine love will allways stay the...
BLOOD on THE dance FLOOR - LovestruckOpened my heart to see. You have the golden key. That just sets me free. You space my just hope. The one I require the most. You are my light in dark
BLUE - Alive I'm in the dark and also you're mine light. I'm walking blind and also you're my sight. Ns feel alive. You set me cost-free I hold you tight. You're in mine heart and also I'm the knife
Basshunter - angel In The Night neurosoup.orgAngel In The Night by Basshunter: you are, my irradiate in the dark / friend are, the beating in my heart / but that is not enough, will I.
SINACH - method MakerYou are here. Working in this place. I worship you. I worship you. Method maker. Wonder worker. Promise keeper. Irradiate in the darkness. My God that is that you are
CELINE DION - since You
loved to "Because You loved Me" track by CELINE DION: For every those times you stood by me For all the truth ... A light in the dark shining her love into my life
ALANIS MORISSETTE - EverythingAnd you've never ever met anyone. Who's as optimistic as ns am sometimes. You view everything, you see every part. You view all mine light and also you love mine dark. Girlfriend dig...
TIESTO - break My
FallYou're my light in this dark, dark world. I've spoken within. Ns feel finish my love. The moments apart. Producing a irradiate in the dark. Rest my fall. I found what is...
Reuby - My
Sunshine Dec 23, 2014 and with you ns am never ever afraid If ns was a tree i would prosper You would be mine warmth in the snow You can be my light in the dark belows You...
Laura Izibor - MMM... and I'm tryna find the words come say, you make whatever alright just by being around. Young mmm you make me wanna sing. Mmmm. Her my irradiate in the dark
Wade Hayes - You
Were, You Are, You'll always Be ...You were, girlfriend are, you'll always be. Mine hope, my dream and all I'll need. My irradiate in the dark, mine soul, my heart. The just love for me. Girlfriend were, girlfriend are, you'll...
Mustang - light In The Dark And live my life... You changed my life. You are my light in the dark. You do me feeling whole... The healing to mine wounded soul... Nothing quit us. Us never...
ANTHRAX - In The EndIn the end. They'll it is in my light in the dark. For when the sun goes down. Once the sunlight goes under on me. Go I say thanks to you, because that our time together? did I give thanks to you,...
DAN + SHAY - Nothin' choose You
Ain't nobody ever seen nothin' like you. As soon as you're wearing castle worn out jeans. Purple untied shoestrings. You're a irradiate in the dark. And also you're thefts my...
CHEMICAL romantic - The Light Behind her to "The irradiate Behind your Eyes" tune by MY chemical ROMANCE: So long to every ... Together we fade in the dark. Simply remember friend will always burn as bright
Songs recognize What You walk In The Dark (Light Em Up) (2 to "My Songs know What friend Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) (2 Chainz Remix)" song by fall OUT BOY: Yeah okay Fire Whoa Be mindful making wishes...
Laura Izibor - Mmm... by Laura Izibor: Make whatever so an easy in a stunner world, / and also I'm shot to uncover the words to say, / You make everything. ... You're my light in the dark
ILLDISPOSED - "With The lost Souls On our Side" (2014 ...I lost my ar in life. When will you uncover out, if i am the one. Just collection me free. It is in my light in the dark. You're such a chaos now. At my grave, you will kneel
Owl City - My
whatever I run to you, and you alone. As soon as I can't gain up and also I can't go on. I operation to you, and also you alone 'Cause you're my irradiate in the dark. And I song with every one of my heart.
MUSTANG - irradiate IN THE DARK Dark Sometimes When tough times punch on mine door once everything's against me ns remember one thing… ... You room my light in the dark. Friend make...
BRANDON heather - The Light
In come "The irradiate In Me" track by BRANDON HEATH: mine life before You ns was a flame burning down I to be ... You room the hope that leads me out of the dark
TRIVIUM - The Darkness
that My MindWithout you. Of all the storms I've had to weather. You were my guiding light. In our last moments spent together. I tried to assist you fight. I plead with sorrow
Michael W. Blacksmith - Somewhere somehow what far past today. Ns will uncover a way to find you. And also somehow through the lonely nights. I will leave a light in the dark. Allow it command you to mine heart.
ANTHEM LIGHTS - ideal to "Best Thing" song by ANTHEM LIGHTS: In a world that's complete of darkness you're my light When whatever gets heavy you're what keeps me s...

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SLEEPING with SIRENS - conserve Me A SparkI wanna paint down my memories. So ns don't ... (Oh-Whoa) We'll begin a fire that shines a irradiate in the dark ... Let me see you irradiate up the dark (Whoa) ns wanna see...
THE SWEEPLINGS - GoodbyeWhere there's smoke there is fire. Pan the flames til the embers burn brighter igniting again. What I'm feeling inside. You're my irradiate in the dark, blind without you
DISCLOSURE - OmenWithout you ns am lonely. My mind would dominance my heart. Ns didn't pay attention to the light in the dark. It left me torn apart. But now I check out your tears are an omen


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