1  verb If you lose a contest, a fight, or an discussion, you carry out not succeed bereason someone does much better than you and deaccomplishments you. A C Milan lost the Italian Cup Final...  V n The government shed the discussion over the pace of reform...  V n No one likes to be on the shedding side.  V-ing 

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2  verb 
If you lose something, you carry out not recognize where it is, for example bereason you have foracquired wright here you put it. I lost my secrets...  V n I had to go earlier for my checkup; they"d lost my X-rays.  V n 
3  verb 
You say that you lose somepoint as soon as you no longer have it because it has been taken ameans from you or ruined. I shed my task when the agency moved to one more state...  V n She was terrified they"d shed their residence.  V n 
4  verb 
If someone loses a high quality, characteristic, perspective, or idea, they no much longer have it. He lost all sense of reason...  V n He had actually lost his desire to live.  V n 
5  verb 
If you shed an ability, you soptimal having actually that capacity bereason of somepoint such as an accident. They lost their ability to hear...  V n He had actually shed the usage of his legs.  V n 
6  verb 
If someone or somepoint loses warm, their temperature becomes reduced. Babies shed heat much faster than adults...  V n 
7  verb 
If you lose blood or liquid from your body, it leaves your body so that you have much less of it. During fever before a big amount of fluid is lost in perspiration.  V n 
8  verb 
If you lose weight, you come to be much less heavy, and normally look thinner. I have actually shed the majority of weight...  V n Martha had the ability to lose 25 pounds.  V n 
9  verb 
If you lose a component of your body, it is cut off in an operation or in an accident. He lost a foot as soon as he was struck by a train.  V n 
10  verb 
If someone loses their life, they die. ...the ferry disaster in 1987, in which 192 civilization shed their resides...  V n Hundreds of stays were shed in fighting.  V n 
11  verb 
If you shed a close family member or frifinish, they die. My Grandma shed her brother in the war.  V n 
12  verb 
If points are shed, they are damaged in a disaster. usu passive ...the well known Nankin ceramic that was shed in a shipwreck off the coast of China.  be V-ed 
13  verb 
If you lose time, somepoint slows you dvery own so that you perform not make as a lot progression as you hoped. They claim that police shed useful time in the early on part of the investigation...  V n Six hrs were lost in all.  V n 
14  verb 
If you shed an chance, you perform not take benefit of it. If you do not perform it shortly you"re going to lose the chance...  V n They did not shed the possibility to say what they believed of events.  V n to-inf ...a lost chance.  V-ed 
15  verb 
If you loseyourself in somepoint or if you are lostin it, you offer many attention to it and execute not think around anything else. (=absorb) Michael held on to her arm, shedding himself in the music...  V pron-refl in n He was shed in the contemplation of the landscape.  be V-ed in n 
16  verb 
If a business loses money, it earns less money than it spends, and is therefore in debt.  (BUSINESS) His shops stand also to shed numerous pounds...  V n 
17  verb 
If something loses you a contest or loses you something that you had, it causes you to fail or to no much longer have what you had actually. My own stupidity shed me the complement...  V n n His financial mismanagement has shed him the assistance of the general public.  V n n 
19 If someone loses it, they come to be very angry or upset. INFORMAL ♦lose it  phrase V inflects I entirely shed it. I went mad, berserk.  
20 If you lose your means, you become lost as soon as you are trying to go somewright here. ♦lose one"s way 
 phrase V inflects The guys shed their method in a sandstorm.  
21  → to shed your balance 
 → balance  → to lose the battle but win the war  → battle  → to shed contact  → contact  → to shed your cool  → cool  → to shed face  → face  → to lose your grip  → grip  → to shed your head  → head  → to lose heart  → heart  → to shed your mind  → mind  → to shed your nerve  → nerve  → to lose the plot  → plot  → to shed sight of  → sight  → to lose your temper  → temper  → to lose touch  → touch  → to shed track of  → track lose out  phrasal verb If you shed out, you suffer a loss or disbenefit bereason you have not succeeded in what you were doing. (=miss out on out) We both lost out...  V P Laura lost out to Tom...  V P to n Womales have lost out in this brand-new pay versatility...  V P in n Egypt has actually lost out on earnings from the Suez Canal.  V P on n 

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