To me he looked not quite like the young solid snake. Maybe from certain angles i can see it, but from others he looked like a young snake mixed with a pitbull and i'm not sure why. I was just a bit surprised at his appearance. Anyone else notice?


I think it's because it was the first time we saw the HD model for his face, and we had gotten used to Old Snake's appearance by then, so it could be a bit jarring.

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But the real reason is most likely because he wasn't using his bandana.

Whenever i would play, i'd have him wear his bandana. It seemed to me like it might be something with his lower face. MGS3 Big Boss looked just like MGS2 Snake, but the jump to MGS4 seemed like a different artist worked on the character.

Well, it was just a mask. A super realistic one. But still, a face worn over another face is gonna be a little off.

Always thought this. It just didn't look like Snake to me... It was a resemblance, but something wasn't right.

The only thing i can come up with is that it may have been modeled by a different artist, or they took an HD young snake texture and mapped it over the same model used for old snake. The shape of an old man probably wouldn't look right under the texture. I'm not sure what the difference is, but i agree something just seemed off.

He looked more like mgs3 boss, which had a more Detailed model than mgs2 snake. Always thought the pupils were clearer on mgs 3

I really didn't even see Big Boss in him either. I thought MGS2 Snake looked dead on for MGS3 Big Boss. It seemed like they took an HD young snake skin and put it over the same model used for Old Snake. Maybe that's why it looked off?

I honestly thought that young Snake was spot on to what he would look like in HD. He looks close enough to his MGS2 model, and the head shape is similar to his MGS1 model. They even captured the scowly-ness pretty well.

Also, since we're talking about models and faces, Big Boss's Peace Walker face is the same as Old Snake's , but with a beard, and different hair.

It's really hard to determine exactly whats off about the model. 2 things i can say though are his eyes seem way squintier, and his facial hair seems less natural and more like he purposely shaves to have a chinstrap.

It's probably a bit easier to see the resemblance going backwards in resolution. I feel like i can say Peace Walker BB looks like Old snake with different Hair/beard, but at the same time i'm not sure i'd say that Old Snake looks like PW BB... Maybe that's what throws me off about the jump from MGS2 to MGS4?

Yeah, Young Snake always looked off to me in 4. It was an "almost, but not quite" sort of thing.

And it's not that it was the first time we've seen him in HD or anything like that. Here's a comparison of Solid Snake's depictions. The updated MGS1 Snake render looks like, well, Snake. I can't put my finger on it, but MGS4 Snake isn't quite exact. It's tough to put into words.

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I always thought the Young Snake from the TGS '06 trailer looked a little more "correct", for lack of a better term.