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Your Next Line is… (also known as "Your Next Line will certainly Be…" or "Next off You"re Gonna Say…") is a catchexpression that has come to be linked via the JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure character Joseph Joestar. The quote is often supplied by Joseph as part of his cleverness to predict what his adversaries are around to say next. Online, the quote has come to be a renowned form of shitposting in the JoJo fandom wright here a user would compose in a sentence that various other customers are about to say and also those who take part would certainly repeat the sentence complied with by mirroring a sense of shock or confusion in their reply, therefore prompting the snowclone Your Next off Line is X.


This quote originated from the second story arc of JoJo"s Bizarre Adendeavor titled Battle Tendency which was publimelted from 1988 to 1989. The quote made its initially appearance in the 47th chapter of the manga titled Sad News. In the chapter, Joseph engeras fight against a thug that was harassing his friend. Among the tactics he used, Joseph predicted what the thug was around to say following, prompting him to be shocked and confused (displayed below). Throughout the remainder of the story, Joseph would certainly usage his catchphrase versus assorted opponents such as Straizo, Santana, Ceasar, Esidisi, and also Kars.



Online, the catchexpression has actually become a famous form of shitposting mainly on the YouTube comments of JoJo related videos. One of the banners featured in 4chan uses edited panels taken from the 7ninth chapter of JoJo"s Bizarre Adundertaking wherein antagonist Esidisi offers Joseph"s trick versus him (shown below).<1>


On August 30th, 2013, YouTube user ShonenGameZ uploaded a video clip showing every one of the occasions of Joseph using his catchexpression to predict what his enemies are about to say in the 2013 fighting game JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle which gathered over 365,000 views within 2 years (displayed listed below, left). On June 2second, 2014, YouTube user José Fino uploaded a compilation video of all the times Joseph used his method throughout the 2012 anime adaptation of JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure which gathered over 793,000 views within 23 months (shown listed below, right).

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On October 1sixth, 2014, Reddit user hawxx_ submitted post titled Your next line is "Little Mac is OP!" on the Super Smash Bros subreddit which features an edited image of the character Little Mac through Joseph Joestar"s signature costume (presented below). The post gathered 521 points (89% upvoted) and 171 comments before being archived.<2>