Every time I shot to clock YouTube on mobile safari , it i will not ~ play and just take it me to a page that stated “ invalid an answer received”

I’ve tried through WiFi and a VPN and with mine mobile data, it’s been like that because that a few days now and also still did it once I restarted mine phone

I hate the UI that the app so that’s no an option


Good question due to the fact that i fucking dislike that and also it's unacceptable to use internet youtube mobile. Happens to anything i tap top top the website. Tbh that is just me or YouTube newly is being also buggy? The app is horrible, it works yet playlists randomly disappears on mine profile food selection (make me update everytime), video clip HUD it s okay unresponsive without dual tapping the video (not constantly but really common), video clip scrolls up by hold the touch (sometimes either) and also yikes there's so much more

Every time i refresh the web page I gain a blog post saying “ ours systems have actually detected unusual traffic from your computer network. Please shot your inquiry again later.” along why mine IP resolve the time and url

I had that a few times as soon as I was making use of LTE. When you get that, ns refresh the page and get a captcha questioning me to verify to continue to YouTube. Once that's done ns can continue to watch videos.

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Hi Iamwallpaper! If you space encountering a bug, please document a bug report below - https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/4347644

If this is an issue with a paid YouTube service, such together Memberships or Premium, please contact YouTube's paid Purchases assistance Teams to get assist directly from YouTube.

To get assist from others with debugging, please provide the following: an equipment info (PC/Phone, phone model, app version, etc), screenshot if possible.

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