Yu-Gi-Oh: The 10 ideal Spellcaster Decks Yu-Gi-Oh enables people to choose their own method to pat the game, yet using a spellcaster deck can offer you a substantial advantage.

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due to the fact that the minute Yugi summoned Dark Magician throughout the original Duel monster anime, Spellcasters have been a regular part of the video game of Yu-Gi-Oh. Of course, when the main character has one together their ace monster, it’s difficult for the main company not to make plenty that them.

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And Konami"s certainly made that happen: unless a player absolutely hates the form in general, anyone who plays long sufficient will at some point fall in love through at least one archetype that’s Spellcaster, because they’re just so prevalent. Yet which ones space the best? This list discusses some of the finest Spellcaster decks that have actually been presented to the game over the years, consisting of a few that could surprise players.

that not believed of very often, but all Exodia decks space technically spellcaster decks since every one of the monsters are...well, Spellcasters. An alternative win condition deck, Exodia decks have the right to be among the many frustrating species of decks to go up against.

Typically they work alongside as numerous spells as feasible to thin the deck in ~ no more than three turns, drawing through their entire deck in really hopes of illustration Exodia prior to they can be eliminated by their opponent. Extremely fragile, if disrupted many Exodia football player lose any type of hope of winning the game, but then that’s the entire suggest of to run it right? To make the difficult possible.

A deck introduced by Carly in the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, fortune Ladies have one of the an ext unique playstyles of any kind of deck top top the list. A deck full of spellcasters, every Fortune Lady start out in between the levels of one and six, and after being summoned they gain a level during each among their standby phases.

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They have a range of results from illustration cards because that the player to inflicting burn damage, while they additionally get stronger attack and also defense statlines. A deck that plays approximately with the banish zone, castle a functional deck that’s even received some support lately in the 2019 set Rising Rampage.

A deck introduced throughout the original Yu-Gi-Oh series, GraveKeepers room shockingly still efficient today. A large part the this comes under to their capacity to just lock the opposing player the end of all their unique tricks.

Their ar spell Necrovalley stops many graveyard effects and makes it impossible to banish cards from the graveyard, while some of their more recent support has provided them their very own searcher/Double Summon, a respond to trap, and also even a an effective boss monster. They can even stop both players from one-of-a-kind summoning anything various other than Gravekeeper monsters. A deck favor this is just one piece away from making an illustration on the compete scene.


no to be perplexed with Performages, Pendulum Magicians to be a completely different archetype the popped up in 2015, mainly in the understand of Pendulum structure Deck. The deck played off cards offered both through Yuya and also his father Yusho, with Pendulum monsters that gained card advantage off being destroyed.

They were even able to safeguard their scales by play Pendulum Call, a order which aided them search out any kind of Pendulum monsters and also keep them safe for a turn. They also had their very own versions of Odd-Eyes to offer them one-of-a-kind boss monsters specifically for the occasion.

Belonging to Dennis McField in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, the Performage archetype do their an initial appearance during the 2015 collection Clash that Rebellions. Lock a lot favor Yuya’s Performapal monsters, with a similar brightly-colored circus theme. Unsurprisingly, as soon as they to be introduced into the game they operated perfectly with Performapals.

Arguably a bit too perfectly, considering number of of their main deck monster were placed on one emergency “adjusted” half list many thanks to exactly how well they produced card advantage. They also gave Spellcasters a great OTK device in Performage Trapeze Magician.


Prophecies were a deck Konami gradually introduced over the food of four sets native 2012 to 2013. Based on the cards of the tarot, they to be a arsenal of Spellcasters that functioned with their own theme support recognized as Spellbooks.

The style was actually among the far better ones in Yu-Gi-Oh till they fully broke it through the development of Spellbook of Judgment, a card that gave Spellbook football player the ability to overextend for totally free resources. Though the card to be banned, the deck still has plenty of alternatives thanks come it’s huge boss monster High Priestess and also it’s quickplay spell, Spellbook of Fate, which have the right to banish monsters throughout either player’s turn.

It’s always fun as soon as Konami decides they want to bring earlier an older style of play. In the early on days that Yu-Gi-Oh, Flip impact monsters play a nice important component in the game, because most of the moment the only method to get rid of a monster was by attacking it or waiting for that to attack you.

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But v monsters gaining the capacity to destroy other monsters, flip effects were rendered practically irrelevant. Enter: Shadolls, monster that no only have actually flip effects, however other results that activate as soon as sent come the graveyard. Even better? Their boss monsters operated to punish players for heavily special summoning—El Shadoll Construct might destroy literally any kind of special summoned monster before even doing fight with them.


presented by Emma Bessho in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, Altergeist room visually one of the much more unique archetypes introduced of late. The deck an unified computer terms favor “emulator”, “query”, or “hexadecimal” with different female mythological creatures.

The deck desired to center approximately disrupting the opponent’s plays, do it complicated for castle to lug out their rotate by negating assaults or bouncing cards back to hand. The best card in the deck, Altergeist Multifaker, was regrettably so great it wound increase being minimal to one, hurting the whole deck.

It seems weird, yet Dark Magician Girl has actually seen so lot support in current years many thanks to the Dark side of size Movie load that she deserve to actually stand on her own. True, most of the magic and trap assistance don’t belong come her, but the other monsters space a different story.

There are currently six various Magician Girls v levels ranging from one to six, through each one qualified of facilitating combos that only help out other Magician Girls. There’s even a pair of ceo monsters in Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight and Magi Magi Magician Girl, also though we’re most likely to never get the latter in the TCG.


it was only a issue of time before Konami brought ago one the the two many remembered cards in the game. Fortunately for fans, castle didn’t automatically make the initial version the the card irrelevant either.

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When they presented their support for the deck in the 2016 set The Dark Illusion, all of it relied heavily on having actually the original Dark Magician card. Featuring results that could make your monsters immune to damage or banish their opponent’s cards during the opponent’s turn, this deck is quiet able to be a pain even to experienced players.