Yu-Gi-Oh: The 10 Best Spellcaster Decks Yu-Gi-Oh permits human being to select their very own means to play the game, yet using a spellcaster deck deserve to offer you a vast advantage.

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Due to the fact that the minute Yugi summoned Dark Magician throughout the original Duel Monsters anime, Spellcasters have been a continual component of the game of Yu-Gi-Oh. Of course, when the main character has actually one as their ace monster, it’s hard for the main firm not to make plenty of them.

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And Konami"s absolutely made that happen: Unmuch less a player absolutely hates the Type in general, anyone that plays lengthy sufficient will ultimately autumn in love via at leastern one archeform that’s Spellcaster, bereason they’re ssuggest so widespread. But which ones are the best? This list discusses some of the ideal Spellcaster decks that have been introduced to the game over the years, including a few that could surpincrease players.

It’s not thought of very frequently, yet all Exodia decks are technically spellcaster decks considering that every one of the monsters are...well, Spellcasters. An alternative win problem deck, Exodia decks have the right to be among the most frustrating forms of decks to go up versus.

Usually they occupational alongside as many type of spells as feasible to thin the deck within no even more than 3 turns, drawing via their whole deck in hopes of illustration Exodia prior to they deserve to be killed by their opponent. Incredibly fragile, if disrupted many Exodia players lose any kind of hope of winning the game, however then that’s the entire point of running it right? To make the impossible possible.

A deck presented by Carly in the anime Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, Fortune Ladies have actually one of the more unique playlayouts of any deck on the list. A deck full of spellcasters, each Fortune Lady starts out between the levels of one and 6, and after being summoned they get a level in the time of each among their standby phases.

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They have a selection of effects from drawing cards for the player to inflicting burn damages, while they likewise gain more powerful strike and also defense statlines. A deck that plays around with the banish zone, they’re a flexible deck that’s also obtained some support lately in the 2019 collection Rising Rampage.

A deck presented in the time of the original Yu-Gi-Oh series, GraveKeepers are shockingly still reliable this particular day. A big component of this comes down to their capacity to sindicate lock the opposing player out of all their unique tricks.

Their area spell Necrovalley stops the majority of graveyard results and also makes it difficult to banish cards from the graveyard, while some of their newer support has actually offered them their very own searcher/Double Summon, a respond to trap, and even an effective boss monster. They deserve to even speak both players from distinct summoning anything various other than Gravekeeper monsters. A deck choose this is simply one item ameans from making an appearance on the competitive scene.


Not to be confused via Performages, Pendulum Magicians were a completely various archeform that popped up in 2015, mainly in the Master of Pendulum Structure Deck. The deck played off cards offered both by Yuya and his father Yusho, via Pendulum monsters that got card benefit off being destroyed.

They were also able to defend their scales by playing Pendulum Call, a spell which helped them search out any Pendulum monsters and keep them safe for a revolve. They even had their own versions of Odd-Eyes to provide them distinct boss monsters specifically for the occasion.

Belonging to Dennis McField in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V, the Performage archeform made their first appearance during the 2015 set Clash of Rebellions. They’re a lot choose Yuya’s Performapal monsters, through a similar brightly-colored circus theme. Unsurprisingly, once they were introduced into the game they operated perfectly through Performapals.

Arguably a little too perfectly, considering numerous of their main deck monsters were put on an emergency “adjusted” ban list thanks to how well they created card benefit. They additionally provided Spellcasters a good OTK tool in Performage Trapeze Magician.


Prophecies were a deck Konami gradually presented over the course of 4 sets from 2012 to 2013. Based on the cards of the tarot, they were a repertoire of Spellcasters that operated with their very own layout assistance recognized as Spellpublications.

The architecture was actually one of the much better ones in Yu-Gi-Oh till they completely damaged it with the introduction of Spellbook of Judgment, a card that gave Spellbook players the capability to overextend for complimentary resources. Though that card was banned, the deck still has plenty of choices many thanks to it’s large boss monster High Priestess and also it’s quickplay spell, Spellbook of Fate, which have the right to banish monsters during either player’s rotate.

It’s always fun when Konami decides they desire to bring ago an older style of play. In the early on days of Yu-Gi-Oh, Flip Effect monsters played a pretty vital component in the game, since a lot of of the time the just means to get rid of a monster was by attacking it or waiting for it to attack you.

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But via monsters gaining the capacity to damage various other monsters, flip impacts were rendered almost irpertinent. Enter: Shadolls, monsters that not only have actually flip results, but other effects that activate as soon as sent to the graveyard. Even better? Their boss monsters functioned to punish players for greatly special summoning—El Shadoll Construct could damage literally any unique summoned monster before also doing battle with them.


Introduced by Emma Bessho in Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, Altergeist are visually one of the even more distinctive archekinds introduced of late. The deck merged computer terms favor “emulator”, “query”, or “hexadecimal” with different female superordinary creatures.

The deck wanted to facility approximately disrupting the opponent’s plays, making it tough for them to carry out their rotate by negating assaults or bouncing cards back to hand also. The finest card in the deck, Altergeist Multifaker, was unfortunately so good it wound up being limited to one, hurting the entire deck.

It appears weird, however Dark Magician Girl has checked out so a lot assistance in recent years thanks to the Dark Side of Dimensions Movie Pack that she have the right to actually stand on her very own. True, most of the magic and trap assistance don’t belengthy to her, yet the other monsters are a different story.

There are currently 6 various Magician Girls via levels varying from one to six, via each one qualified of facilitating combos that only aid out other Magician Girls. There’s even a pair of boss monsters in Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight and also Magi Magi Magician Girl, even though we’re likely to never acquire the last in the TCG.


It was only a matter of time before Konami lugged ago one of the 2 most remembered cards in the game. Fortunately for fans, they didn’t immediately make the original variation of the card irpertinent either.

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When they introduced their support for the deck in the 2016 set The Dark Illusion, every one of it relied greatly on having the original Dark Magician card. Featuring results that might make their monsters immune to devastation or banish their opponent’s cards during the opponent’s turn, this deck is still able to be a pain also to proficient players.