If girlfriend are trying to find a cheap electric skateboard our Yuneec E-Go review could be advantageous for you. V a price that 500 USD you will obtain a finish electric longboard for 25% of the price compared to the top models.

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Our Yuneec E-Go review consists of an unboxing video and check ride video at the finish of the article.

Yuneec E-Go review

The electrical Skateboard indigenous Yuneec ships pre-assembled v bluetooth remote control, strength supply, cables, a sticker collection and a global tool.

The pairing of the remote manage looked quite complicated, but was successful at the an initial try. You can likewise find a cost-free app called “E-Go Cruiser” top top the app store which connects straight with the Yuneec E-Go skateboard.

cheap electric skateboardThe remote control gives girlfriend an clues of battery strength for the plank itself and also the remote manage by blinking in different colours. You need to get used to it. See the sticker on the remote below.

The slider for acceleration is handy, the acceleration is smooth, however the braking comes through a hold-up and might be stronger.

You can conveniently switch native ECO to sport mode, which changes the power / acceleration of the board. However, if you desire to switch between SLOW (up come 8 mph) to and also FAST (up to 12.5 mph) you need a one-of-a-kind pin tool, i beg your pardon you have the right to see in the remote snapshot above.

battery standing E-Go

a cheap electrical skateboard for beginners

The Yuneec E-Go has actually only one engine at the left behind wheel which serves you v 400 watt power. The peak speed that 12.5 mph to be easily completed in our Yuneec E-Go review (rider had 198 pounds) and the acceleration to be good. We had actually fun in ~ our check ride.

The charging time is detailed as 3-5 hrs (took 5 hrs for us) i m sorry should carry you up to 18 mile under ideal conditions. With our riding layout we completed 9 miles., which is reasonable because that the price point and weight.

electric skateboard motorThe plank is simply 14 pounds and also the deck has a reasonable quality, the wheels space , …, okay. The defense of the USB port is bad, but we recommend anyways not to journey on wet streets.

Yuneec E-Go testimonial summary:

The Yuneec E-Go is a cheap electrical skateboard which yet let’s you enjoy your electrical ride. The is probably a an excellent choice because that beginners or as a backup board. We have to see exactly how the plank is doing end a lengthy time and may update the testimonial at a later on time.

for price

for quality and design

for flexibility

for remote control and also app support

because that speed and also acceleration

Manufacturer Link: Yuneec:www.yuneec.com

Last yet not the very least our 2 videos because that the unboxing and also test ride.

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The test ride video clip does no come with any type of cuts or lift music, since we want you to provide a feeling about the acceleration and motor sound. The video clip is mirroring an progressed rider i beg your pardon is talk the plank the first time in FAST and SPORT mode.