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I remember situations as one adolescentI couldn't roll v the homies they'd quite see a nigga steppin'Was it cause I to be a "school boy" tryin' to obtain my grades together?Stayed ~ above the very same block however we never played togetherAll the a sudden, why they wanna come and also kick it v Ro?Thinkin' they deserve to get totally free cd's and totally free ticket's come show's? no!Pay in ~ the door or you grounding outAnd if you get in, don't ask for nothin' or obtain escorted the posesthe out!And speak lil' mama i ain't tryin' to go to bed v yaYou smokin' thinkin' I'm around to be breakin' bread with yaKeep mine money in my pocket, never ever leave it through ho'sPut a ring ~ above my own finger reason I sleep with zeroI love mine enemy's an ext than friend that's why ns treat'em for this reason friendlyCause they let you understand they dislike you, but a girlfriend hides his envyAin't no usage in flaggin' me under while I'm the end on a creepIf I'm stoppin', mine gun's cockin' you droppin'I live and die one deep!I don't require no help, mine nigga,I deserve to do poor on my ownAnd i don't require no company lil' mama, avoid ringing my cellular phoneWhen i be down and out, nobody wanna come and also kick itI'm a nobody until I can shineSo once the money is long, ns don't need nobody come visitLeave me lonely like you did critical time
It's the same, every day.

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Every day is the sameDealin' v fraud ass fellas i swear the ain't gonna ever before changeEven speakin' ~ above the hood, nigga the hood ain't shitSo as soon as you watch me I'm a speak, yet that's as an excellent as that getsBut ain't no ridin' with me, gettin' drunk, or gettin' high through meTen the end of ten i bet friend would never ride and die through meAll my drugs are for personal use reason I it is in stressin' badPoverty and also pain is every I've ever hadI remember i was under in the dumps no one lifted me upNiggas claimed I would never ever make the in music reason i wasn't gifted enoughSo why the hell would certainly I chill through y'all?I'd rather deal with felony charges prior to I have actually to deal with y'allIt's one cup, one sweet cause it's Z-ro onlyForever lonely i don't require no phony homey's every up on meCause as soon as niggas obtain to trippin' with their and also shitFor me, i bet mine homey's won't north a clipI live and also die one deep!It was hard to dream once I to be hooked top top codeineKillin' myself slowly on purpose cause humans made me nervousAnd i knew I'd need to kill one, one dayThen how could I sit increase in prior of the mr come Sunday?That's why ns eat by myself and I sleep by myselfI'm alone twenty-four 7 I'm out below on mine ownPlus I'm i was sure that i would never ever jack myselfFor all ns know, homicides are homey's watchin' as I stack my wealthWhen ns was trippin' v my stole pointed dead at my grillAll mine "real niggas was laughin'". Didn't try to phone call me come chillI ain't ever had a friend choose JosephCause the don't offer a damn if I ever before was ~ above a posterA thin ass never had actually a penny ass nigga, treated favor a food stampTill ns dropped a couple of jams now they diggin' a niggaIt's plain and basic to witnessIf that wasn't because that rappin' who'd offer a fuck about my business?Let me live one deep!