We keep the greatest criteria. Yours.

ZAP Emergency Medical Services stands all set to act as a seammuch less extension of your treatment.

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This is one buttoned-up team.

One look at our EMS team lets you understand the depth of our commitment. Our paramedics and also technicians look sharp, behave professionally, and also perdevelop their duties with good pride, compassion, and specialization.

Responsive, respectful, professional.

Find Out the difference our clients have actually come to expect: fewer patient problems of any type of kind.

We"re the mobile extension of your staff.

ZAP teams are dedicated to your patients and also thoaround trained to meet your protocols.

No surprises, no problems.

Consistency is essential, and ZAP delivers, with the right civilization and the right devices on the spot, eexceptionally time.

Our mission is to perform to the highest possible level of professionalism via eextremely patient and every pilgrimage, and also we take that mission incredibly seriously. We hire just the best certified candidates, and then train our groups in home to satisfy the certain protocols of the hospitals and also ER facilities we serve.

When you depend on ZAP, you can rest assured that your patients are in highly expert, well-equipped hands, from the door to the floor, as we transition them safely and also promptly from one health treatment facility to one more.

Our reputation for going to extremes to encertain patient and also facility satisfaction provides ZAP the choice of many type of of Houston’s height health and wellness care experts.

ZAP Emergency Medical Services was started in 2006 by an EMS specialist that well-known the require for a greater level of professionalism in the field. Today, ZAP provides custom-tailored ambulance solutions yielded by specially trained experts who have to satisfy strict requirements beyond what is compelled by the industry.

Our promise to our clients is to arrive promptly and also completely prepared to satisfy any type of difficulty. Excsupplies cost your patients useful time. They impact your reputation.

And they sindicate should not be tolerated, in our opinion. Our clients tfinish to be repeat customers who have involved count on us for reputable, trouble-cost-free performance.

ZAP operates a fleet of ambulances, each equipped through the latest tools and resources. We are easily accessible 24 hrs a day. Our service location mainly covers Houston’s 610 Loop, consisting of the Galleria and the Texas Medical Center, as well as the cities of Sugar Land also and Pearland also.

We pride ourselves on serving as a dedicated expansion of your clinical team.

At ZAP Emergency Medical Services, we understand that once your patient is in our care, we recurrent you, to that end, once we obtain your call, we respond promptly, through a complete team that is prepared for anypoint and also trained to impush. Waiting for backup is simply unacceptable.

Our staff is well qualified and specially trained to deliver treatment that meets your specific protocols. With every deliver, we strive to overaccomplish, leaving you with nothing but positive outcomes and also feedago, the finest indication of a project well done.

ZAP consistently handles a full variety of emergent clinical transfers, including:

Critical treatment transporting activities Bariatric Neonatal Pediatric

Special disaster response capabilities.

When disaster strikes, many type of teams are obligated to respond to places as directed by municipal entities. As a privately owned EMS service, ZAP Emergency Medical Services is available for prompt deployment as initially responders in the case of a herbal disaster or any catastrophic event.

We are fully all set for activity, supplying skilled, well-qualified personnel and all the proper devices.

To encertain that we keep the highest level of availability, our interactions mechanism contains redundancies upon redundancies, designed to store us up and also running. As long as your system allows you to reach us, we’ll be tright here for you.

Fully equipped and trained, eextremely trip.

ZAP consistently handles a complete range of medical emergencies through the strategic use of very trained personnel and a wealth of equipment:

Critical treatment paramedics Balloon pump specialists Baxter iv pumps Zoll biphasic 12-lead defibrillators NIBP monitors CPAP systems Ventilators for adults, youngsters, infants Bariatric-qualified transfer vehicles Modern cct, micu protocols of Houston’s top health and wellness treatment experts
ZAP opeprices a fleet of ambulances, each equipped with the latest devices and also resources. We are accessible 24 hrs a day. Our organization location primarily covers Houston’s 610 Loop, including the Galleria and also the Texas Medical Center, and the cities of Sugar Land and Pearland also.

ZAP Emergency Medical Services

Mailing Address:PO Box 301278 Houston, Texas 77230 Office:1316 S Loop W Houston, Texas 77054 Administration:281.914.4635

ZAP specialists are at your service, 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. For prompt assistance of any kind, please feel complimentary to call us.

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