If you’ve ever been irritable by the size and weight of your laptop charger, you in great company. Whether it’s a Macbook or a PC, breathless announcements of new lightweight models become less impressive for travellers when you aspect in the bulky chargers that come v them.

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Add a USB wall charger or two for the rest of her gear, and also the end an outcome is a chaos of devices taking up more space and weight in your daypack than it should.

TheZolt Laptop Charger Plussets out to readjust all that, through a small, light universal charger that fits into a pocket. Sound too good to it is in true? after ~ a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, the firm started selling its chargers come the remainder of us just prior to Christmas, and also sent one out for me to take a look at at.

Here’s exactly how it fared.

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Features and Specifications


The brushed watch of the graphite version I was sent out was surprisingly attractive. It’s a professional-looking device, at least in that colour. The very first thing ns did after the arrived was wind the cable around it, and also stick that in my jeans pocket.

Although ns wouldn’t necessarily pick to lug it favor that every the time, it equipment easily and wasn’t especially noticeable. Try doing that with your currently laptop charger!

For the functions of mine testing, I used a 2013 Macbook pro (13″), Google Nexus 7 tablet computer and iphone phone 5. The magnetic reminder on the Macbook cable was nearly indistinguishable indigenous the original, and also connected with a to solve snap.

The ridged USB plug ~ above the other end meant i couldn’t plug it into the dorn socket, and also the lights on both charger and also tip lit up to show everything to be working.

When it concerned charging speeds, there was likewise no difference in between the Zolt and the original Macbook charger. The approximated remaining fee time remained the same regardless of which one to be connected. The Macbook ongoing to charge in line v that estimate till it was full.

Connecting very first the phone, and then the tablet, didn’t readjust the estimated time, and also both mobile devices charged together expected.As for home windows laptops, if the Zolt no ship with a guideline for my details model, the supports plenty of hundreds that others.

Each reminder connects solidly come the cable, come the degree that it’s difficult to distinguish where the tip ends and the cable begins. Having actually used various other universal adapters in the past, i was involved the tips would be loose and ill-fitting, yet that no the case here.

The six-foot size of the typical cable is a little much shorter than most other chargers, anddoubling the made the Zolt more useful ~ above the road. Including the extension made all the difference when power sockets were on the floor, behind furniture and otherwise situated somewhere less than beneficial (ie, many of the time.)I’d suggest getting one.

Where i ran into problems, though, was as soon as charging the Macbook agree while continuing to execute CPU-intensive occupational with it.The MBP power attract is near the upper end of the charger’s range, and it showed.

On numerous occasions, the Zolt close up door off, and also the light on the finish started flashing. It was hot to the touch, and also needed to it is in unplugged for quite a while prior to it to be cool sufficient to start charging again.

I’m sure it’d work much better on laptops that need less power, yet if you’ve acquired a Macbook pro or various other machinewith a 60W+ charger, you might want to think twice prior to purchasing. The last thing you require is one unreliable charger when you’re hundreds of miles native the nearest apple store.

Because it’s so light, it additionally works much better with take trip adapters than many other chargers. It’s far from inexplicable for my miscellaneous chargers to fall straight out of the travel adapters i plug castle in to, however not for this reason the Zolt.

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It continued to be firmly in also my dodgy five-dollar one, at least until I held it upside under for a while. Provided how couple of power sockets I uncover on the ceiling these days, ns ok v that.